WiFi Analytics is a WI-FI company which operates privately and is charged by ensuring that you get services such as mobile retail, QSR and restaurant solutions. We offer services for both small and medium enterprises with the aim of ensuring that our clients integrate all their security and IT needs under one roof. Other services we offer include VoIP Solutions, Firewall/ UTM services, digital marketing ( both SEO and SEM) and WI-FI social marketing and analytics and among other innovative technology solutions for small businesses. We serve both the USA and Canada.


The company has been in the market since 2011. Our experience through the years grants us the reputation and trust you need in cases of fully hosted wifi cloud hosting.

The benefits of cloud hosting with connection include:

· Our team of IT technicians is always on site to ensure wireless issues are dealt with therefore there is no need for you to pay other onsite controllers. There is no need for upgrades and fixes since they are always maintained by our team at the site.

· Our team is highly experienced in the field in both retail and restaurant.

· Our data centre manages all access points ensuring that your wireless is always online.

· Spare parts and devices are managed by our teams such that we will send you spare replacements in case your device fails.

The various types of Wi-Fi solutions at connectsim include: WIFI Hotspot splash, page template design, Social WI-FI hardware, and WI-FI crowd hosting among others.


These systems are regularly updated and are some of the most popular ones. They are quite enjoyable. You only need to place an order and we will design them for you within a few weeks. We offer 3 splash page designs each year for all social WI-FI analytic contracts. Each of the most recommended template costs $149. There are basically 14 items for you to choose from.

Among the newest are various categories depending on what kind of business you operate whether nightclub, resort, hotel, healthcare or concert.


There are two kinds of hardware on offer; the internet hosted social WI-FI access point hardware and the entry level social WI-FI sensor access point hardware. The price for the entry level is $199 while for the social Wi-Fi access you have to call us. Our contact number is 416-848-6212. WiFi analytics reseller http://connectsim.ca/ is our website.

Connect WiFi Hotspot, a digital and more advances information technology company that aims at offering the best brand identity, social connections technology as well as social analytic that boost your operations effectively. Get opportunities to choose the right WIFI hotspot flash templates, designs, branding packages, social marketing analytic as well as wireless point to one point products from this company. Connectsim.ca  is among the leading WIFI service providers in Canada and USA since 2011. With more experience in mobile retail and technology, we are able to offer full cloud wireless network and hardware to target market segments. Choose from a range of hardware, software, designs, splash templates and SEO/ SEM prints to work with.

Why choose us?

We are among the leading hotspot service providers who aims at providing digital wireless solutions and social analytic to your organizations to make it easier to carry out operations. With our team, users will be assisted to solve wireless problems. You don’t need to spend extra money employing someone to fix your wireless problems. Neither do you require a professional expert to manage your software, hardware or splash templates as well as SEO/ SEM. With our team, we assure you to provide the best hotspot cloud services by managing your WiFi with hosted cloud hotspot solution. There is no need to incur extra cost to upgrade old firmware, let us update them for you. We ensure effective management of WiFi problems in our data centers.

Our team have many years of working experience. The phrase that experience is the best policy is a key motivating factor driving our team towards achieving high levels of performance. Over twenty years, our team have provided quality hotspot wireless services to market clients in Canada and US. Our main market is to rise up regarding wireless technology to meet the competitive age. Business firms and organizations have mandate to install wireless technology in their centers to make it easier for management team to coordinate all activities within the firm.

Wireless access points of Connect Sim digital company are managed at the center. Connections are monitored by our experts enabling them to detect any deviation in network system and to provide effective solutions to such problems. Our experts enhances that your hotspot WiFi is always active an efficient to meet your standards.

Connect Sim cloud hardware and software solutions owns array of spare parts that guarantees users to regular replacement in case hotspot wireless system fails to function. Our aim is to ensure continuity in your operation by preventing any obstruction that may divert probabilities to achieve high success levels. Regardless of your location, our online store contains spare parts that can be used to replace worn out parts.

Furthermore, we give customers the best opportunity to choose from variety of options such as print design packages. We are fully authorized wireless dealers for many WiFi and analytic companies. We are quite reliable since our deployment process takes less time while allowing you to collect data and translate into decisions that enhances the performance of your company. With today’s competitive global economy, carrying out market research to identify threats, weaknesses, opportunities as well as threats is crucial towards attaining high success. Using Hotspot wireless system can make your dreams valid.

A router is a special electronic device which enables fast and safe communications through the internet over the World Wide Web. The only thing to consider before purchasing a router is how to choose the best router which can suit your broadband. Large organizations will go for powerful routers which receives and sends signals over a wide range of frequency while other prefer the ones which only covers their businesses geographical areas.

Social Wi-Fi Router is one of the methods most businesses are using to market their businesses as well as their products. For instance a business which has a free social Wi-Fi is likely to attract more customers than a business which doesn’t have. In shopping places for example, customers would like to be connected to the internet in case they have forgotten the type of goods they came to purchase, by having a router which is connected to the internet, the business owner may be able to get the detailed information about that particular customer by using their login accounts.

By getting too close to the customers, the owner of the business may experience significant increase in his or her number of sales over a short period of time. The number of searches on his or her social media will also increase significantly within a short period of time. Social Wi-Fi makes a business to have followers and likes which puts the latter in a better position to arrange its future plans in terms of the target market and what they are expecting within a specified period of time, this idea has helped many businesses to grow rapidly.

The most important role the routers play is that they add security to the clients who are surfing the web since they login using their own social media accounts. Thus social Wi-Fi has many benefits to a business as listed above.

With the increased competition from online marketers, it is evident that everyone is on the run to increasing their online marketing strategies so as to avoid extinction in terms of online entrepreneurship.One of the greatest ways of content marketing is through the social platforms which everyone seem to be using. Out of the many social platforms and sites in use, Facebook never misses out at least a single visit by everyone with access to internet.

This sounds like a good deal for online marketing. For any corporate interested in increasing their online fame and reputation, adopting Facebook WiFi router is probably the best idea to get it done very fast and quick. Everyone seeking to use the WiFi will be prompted to visit the company’s Facebook page and like it before continuing to enjoy the free Wi-Fi.

Within a short period of use, a firm shall have opened its online doors to thousands of people just through social platform. Anyone thinking of visiting Facebook must like the corporates Facebook page for them to continue their use. Use of Facebook Wi-Fi router opens doors full of opportunities as it gets the relationship between a corporate and their clients even much close. A corporate can simply share information about their new product releases, offers, news or announcements directly with their clients, hence increasing clients’ awareness about the firm.

It is also a better platform for knowing the clients insight about the company, since everyone more than willing to freely express their views on social sites. Social WiFi Toronto, Canada are teaming with Facebook to help corporates increase their connections with their clients through a unique class of technology. Firms can now easily spread their discover ability and visibility through Facebook which is helpful in achieving wise business oriented decisions through clients’ analysis and insights.