Tests Capacitor – How to Exam A Capacitor When Breakdown Beneath Load


Have you ever at any time arrive throughout power dilemma where by after you turn on the power supply plus the fuse blow? You have checked many of the factors from the energy (principal) and secondary segment and the many elements seems to be alright! Wherever could be the fault? A fuse blown are generally because of a shorted bridge rectifier, defective posistor, y capacitors  or FET, shorted major winding of change method energy transformer, shorted secondary diode and and many others. But in this article I am gone to show you an additional solution of electronic troubleshooting recommendations.


I bought frustrated regarding wherever could be the result in of energy dilemma. Each and every time when i activate the ability supply the fuse blow promptly (the fuse became dim shade which point out that there’s a serious shorter circuit within the electric power supply). I’ve checked all the parts inside the electrical power supply and are unable to discover the offender! What i do is i desoldered many of the suspected parts one by a person and replaced that has a regarded very good part. I ultimately uncovered the caused in the energy source dilemma. Guess what? It was the leading filter capacitor (220 microfarad 400 volt). After changing the filter cap the power supply worked perfectly high-quality. I start my detective do the job to see why this capacitor can prompted the fuse to blow although i previously confirmed it Pleased with my meters.

The meters that i utilized to look at the filter cap ended up analog meter, electronic capacitance meter and esr meter. In the following paragraphs i’ll not make clear about how to examine capacitor or testing capacitor and exactly how capacitor perform. I considered nearly all of you understand the way to examine capacitors in addition to usually utilizing this kind of meters. Measured with analog it confirmed capacitor charging and discharge, with electronic capacitor tester it confirmed around 220 microfarad and with esr meter it showed minimal esr studying!

This proved the terrible capacitor breakdown when beneath full functioning voltage. Then, how can i ensure that this filter capacitor is faulty? By making use of an analog insulation tester. Once i link the defective cap towards the meter and push the go button-it confirmed an extremely reduced resistance and this would be the proved of limited circuit between the plate when voltage used! There’s nothing to complete with undesirable electrolyte. A great capacitor will just confirmed a charge and discharge inside the insulation meter much like you will be examining a capacitor utilizing analog multimeter. On the market there may be rather quite a few ranges you can obtain. It’s got the selection of 50v, 100v, 250v, 500v, 1000v and in some cases 5000v! If you need to check a capacitor of a hundred microfarad 160v then you really really have to choose 100v. When you pick out 250v, it is going to blow your capacitor which is under take a look at.